This page was last updated on 23 December 2010.


On this page, we share pictures of special moments contributed by Russell’s friends.   If you would like your pictures posted here, please send them to Rob at RussellSongbook@AOL.COM.

Special thanks to Jim who provided most of the pictures!

Feel free to browse, print or download any picture from the photo album.

Click on the link or picture to see pictures from Christmas in July at the Raven (2010).

Click on the link to see pictures of Russell playing the Piano on a Float at the New Hope Celebrates Parade held on May 15, 2010.

Click on Russell in the Cowboy outfit to see pictures from his visit to the 2008 National Gay Rodeo Association.

Click on the flowers to see the pictures from Marie and Betty’s Birthday Party.

Click on the candles to see pictures from the Christmas in July party at the Nevermore on Thursday 24 July 2008.

Click on Russell’s picture to see the pictures of the last Saturday Night ate the Raven.

Click Christmas Tree to see pictures of Gary And Lee’s 2007 Christmas Party

The pictures from the parties were supplied by Lee. If you would like a printed copy of any of these pictures, please let Gary or Lee know and they will print you a copy.

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