How Long Has This Been Going On?
For 30 years you have been playing
Fascinating Rhythms which Somebody, Somewhere has been enjoying. A Beautiful Friendship has happened with many of the People who show up to Sing. As we gather Side by Side at the Cartwheel or Raven having Small Talk between songs we wait for Music, Maestro, Please. Time after Time we gather at the piano, With a Song in Our Heart. So order me another Scotch and Soda, but Don't Tell Mama, because this is One Boy, who was Happy to Make Your Acquaintance. Doesn't matter Tonight whether we are Singing in the Rain or On A Clear Day, we are Together. I'm Glad I'm Not Young Anymore, Kids, who can stand them, although Boy Wanted still. Consider Yourself well loved and enjoyed as we gather to celebrate your 30th Anniversary of Music, Music, Music. You know that There'll be a Hot Time In The Old Town Tonight as we give you the Applause you well deserve.We all know that you are Too Marvelous for Words and Always remember that, I'll be Seeing You..
Happy 30th Anniversary

(Card created by Barry)


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