This page was last updated on 9/5/2006.

While I have had lots of luck finding the lyrics to most of the songs that Russell plays, there are a few songs that I canít find the lyrics to.  If you know the lyics, please email them to Rob at RussellSongBook@AOL.COM and I will include them in the book.

Song Title   (Helpful information)

Old Man River
     (From Showboat)
Iím greatest Star
     (Fannie Brice from Funny Girl)
I meant Every Word He Said
     (When he said I Do)
     ( I heard him say I love You)
I get a Feeling Iím Falling
       (I get lonely, watching the)
Itís Nobody Else But Me
         (Show Boat)
         (He thinks Iím grand.  Thatís great for me)
La Vie En Rose
Let Me Go Lover
           Let me Loose
Movies were Movies when I ran the Show
           (Mack and Mable)
           (when Paulene was tied to the tracks)
Oh Honey
             Youíre working too fast
Oh Solo Mio (or Sola Mia)
(Bring back) My Blushing Rose
           (1921 Ziegfeld Follies)
The Shrine Od St Cecilia
Start all Over Again
Suddenly Seymore
The Best Things in life are Free
There Goes my Heart
           I had my chance, But itís over now
When Loved walked in With You
When Iím with you (Shirly Temple)
           (Daddy dear)
           (an ordinary day becomes)

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