This page was last updated on 19 Octomber 2019

 The Raven was sold and closed on October 13th, 2019. The owners promised that it will be renovated reopen in the furture. Russell is now playing at Headliners Lounge and Nightclub, at the Clarion

6426 Lower Your Rd
Solebury, PA 18938

Russell regularly plays at the Headliners Lounge and Nightclub at the Clarion.

Thursdays: 5 PM until 9 PM

For the latest information on Russell's schedule, follow him on Facebook or request to join his e-mail list (see below).

 Keep Informed!

To join the RussellSongBook email news group, send an email to RussellSongBook@AOL.COM. RussellSongBook respects your privacy. Your email address will not be shared or sold to anyone else.

Question or comments? Please Email Rob at: RussellSongBook@AOL.COM

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