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When I first started listening to Russell in 2001, I didn’t know the lyrics to any of the songs that he played. What amazed me most was that he played all of these songs without sheet music.

Below is Russell at the Raven’s Piano during another evening of old songs and good times. The Raven has since closed and he can now be found at the Bent Note inside the Clarion New Hope's loung

I had an idea. If I could find the lyrics to the songs, then I could sing along with everyone else.  So each week, I went on the web and searched for the lyrics. It wasn’t long before the binder was full and I had to get a bigger binder.  It wasn’t long before the book was so large that I needed a laptop!

I had lots of help, especially from Jim. (Who can usually be seen tearing down the set after Russell is finished playing).

Soon I found that I had this large collection of songs and others were interested in having a copy. So I am offering the collection to anyone for the asking, free of charge.

One day, Russell played “Happy Birthday” and a birthday cake arrived from the back. Then it happened again a few weeks later.

If it is one of the regulars birthday, and there happens to be a cake with lots of tall candles, you can be sure that Gary and Lee (our resident baker) baked it!

We have regulars that  travel a long  distance and bring their own copy of the songbook. Some even help finding the lyrics.


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We all listen when John sings Namely You!

And there are those who arrive later in the evening.  

We have folks that travel from Philadelphia to sing with us.

If you are a regular visitor to the Bent Note, and would like to have your name mentioned here, please email Rob at

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