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This is a line drawing of Russell that he commissioned Al Hirshfeld to draw in 2001. A little over a year later, Hirshfeld passed away.

Russell started playing the piano at the Cartwheel in 1974.  For many years, he played at the Cartwheel on Thursdays and the Raven on Saturdays.  In 2004, the Cartwheel burnt down and he went full time at the Raven. In 2008 the Raven closed (the first time), and Russell moved to the Nevermore.  On May 21th, 2009 the Raven re-opened, and Russell resumed playing Thursdays and Saturdays there, leaving the Nevermore. On September 29th, 2018, Russell celebrated his 1000th Saturday night playing at the Raven. On October 12th, 2019, Russell played his final performance at the Raven as it closed its doors the following day. On October 24th 2019, Russell resumed his Thursday nights at Headliners Lounge, now the Bent Note, located inside the Clarion.

The Bent Note reopened soon after govenor lifted the ban!

In the fall of 2010, the Nevermore was sold to Tom Frank and became a Ramada Inn, then in the fall of 2015 it became a Roadway Inn. By 2018, it was rebranded as a Clarion. In October 2019, the bar was initially rebranded as the Headliners Lounge, then as the Bent Note, and most of the Raven performers moved there.

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Welcome to the Russell Songbook Web site. The purpose of this web site is to collect all of the songs that Russell plays at the Raven, so that everyone can sing along.  We hope that this makes it easier for you to learn the lyrics to the songs that Russell plays.

At this site, you can download the lyrics to most of the songs that Russell plays. You can also check the dates that he will be playing.

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